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  • Where to buy Company Man

    Front cover

    At Lulu Marketplace For sneak peek, peruse bite-size excerpts at link below the cover . . . Available also: At Amazon, where you can preview Company Man more at length. As Barnes and Noble Nook book, where there’s an even… Read More ›

  • Oak Park resident Jim Bowman’s new book looks back on life as Jesuit priest

    Oak Leaves (Pioneer Press) profiles this author and blogger. For instance: Q: Any similarities between the two [Jesuit and married lives]? A: There’s fidelity, for one thing. There’s the being careful to respect and take your responsibility for other people… Read More ›

  • Originally posted on Blithe Spirit:
    Stray radiators, the new wing of 1895, Father Grant the principal and Brother O’Connor his secretary, buried in Grant’s tomb, cherry bomb in the library. Life as a first-year scholastic at St. Ignatius High, Chicago,…

  • Converting whitey

    In my year of converting white boys to a Christian viewpoint, I did my best to swing my students around. The only sign I had that it did any good — my only confirmed kill — was the comment in… Read More ›

  • Rector Bob, Mrs. Daley

    Mrs. Daley complained about my use of Silberman’s Crisis in Black and White in my religion/social problems class, giving the principal stomach aches.  The rector, Bob Koch, who was very patient with me amid all this, told me about her… Read More ›

  • Teaching in ’65-’66

    My classroom assignment at Ignatius as a newly released priest in ‘65 was a course for seniors called “religion-slash-social problems.”  In view of my consuming interest in social problems, I was a natural for it.  The course title came with no… Read More ›


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